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Who: Piper Cardenas + you
What: AU Wizard Piper, possibly going through her ordeal
When: Summer
Where: New York Earth Young Wizard's World
Warnings Piper has a dirty mouth

So, if the book could really be believed, just by saying that oath she became a wizard? That seemed... too easy. This was obviously a joke. Seriously. She didn't know why she bothered taking this thing home to read anyway. So you want to be a wizard? What a pile of bullshit. Right? Right.

That's what she thought as she was going to sleep in her tiny apartment bedroom. She was reconsidering now that she'd woken to find she wasn't in her bedroom anymore. She didn't even think she was in California anymore. The trees and the sky were all wrong.

She'd woken up in what looked like someone's back yard. She was still in her pajamas, and barefooted. The only thing she had with her was that stupid book. No phone. No way to find her way back home. What the hell had she gotten herself into?

"Oh my god! Someone help!"
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Thankfully, Nita's used to wizards showing up in her backyard by now - just not necessarily someone this distressed.

She made her way over in a hurry.

/What happened?/

Nita's reply was in the Speech - aside from looking like she'd been swept out of her bed, Piper gave Nita no impression of not knowing what it was.

If this turned into a misunderstanding, it was not going to be pretty.
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Well, crap. The shock - and the English - gave Nita the impression that, whoever this was, was new to wizardry.

Nita didn't envy what sort of Ordeal the girl was going to have, not when she looked this close to the end of latency...

"Ah, I'm Nita, Nita Callahan. And you're standing in my backyard. What's your name - and if the term Manual is in any way familiar to you, please say you have one."
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In fairness, 'across the continent' wasn't even close to the largest distance that had been crossed in order for Nita to meet other wizards.

"Nice to meet you, Piper," Nita said. Her eyebrows rose at the fierceness of Piper's protectiveness of her Manual.

She held up her hands as if to try and calm the other wizard.

"And I'm not going to take it or anything. I have my own, see?" and with that, Nita used one hand to fetch her Manual from her subspace pocket, conveniently located right next to her. The book wasn't much bigger than Piper's: blue, with a red trim, and the title clear enough from the angle Nita was holding it - So You Want To Be A Wizard.
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Nita nodded - was Piper disappointed? Relieved? Wizardry didn't live in the unwilling heart, after all; hopefully it was the latter.

"Y'can try pinching yourself, if that would help. Or- how much have you read in your Manual?"

Even being as much a bookaholic as she was, she hadn't been able to get far in her reading before her Ordeal set in.

"Look, if you need to sit down or anything..."

Going inside probably wouldn't cause any trouble at this hour, especially since school was out, and the most recent craziness had seemed to have settled down.
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I kinda wish there was a floor plan for Nita's house... |D At the very least, I want to see it.

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Nita gave Piper something of a wry look: it better have been the pajamas that made her feel cold! Someone must not have been used to the New York air...

"You're about where I was when I first found the Manual, then, in terms of progress."

Nita gestured towards the back door.

"No problem."

Inside was a fairly straightfoward kitchen-and-dining-room setup - currently empty, but it was clear the place was lived-in. Stairs were partially visible as well, one flight going up, the other down to the basement.
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I think there's websites for that, but I don't know them offhand. |D

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"Well, to quote a phrase, you're not completely up the creek without a paddle - the Powers usually aren't that bad about such things," Nita answered, making her way over to the table and pulling out a chair... and, on second thought, she got a second one. Best for both of them to be sitting.

Nita scrunched her face at the question. "Well, my first instinct there is worldgate, since, ah... welcome to New York?"

From one coast to another!
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Fortunately there IS context for Nita's statement: The Big Meow, third of the Cat Wizards series

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Nita's lips quirked into a smile.

"Not actually that far away, though we'd have to take the train in."

Hey, conserving energy was what wizardry was all about; spells didn't have to be used for everything.

That smile went away at Piper's next words, though.

"I know the cats have mentioned rogue worldgates out that way before, but something like that sounds new to me."

It sounded a bit like going 'sideways' in Ireland, actually - a disturbing parallel, considering Nita's own experiences in that area.
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/o Can do!

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"I think I have some spares," Nita said, tilting her head a little.

You'd have to deal with the floppy shirts, though, Piper. Floppy Shirts. Though there was also the occasional cute denim jacket.

Nita made a wry expression.

"Okay, you did say you hadn't read very far yet... humans aren't the only species with wizards, Piper. Not by a long shot."

The hesitance was mostly an issue of 'is this too much?' But even if she didn't go off planet for her errantry, let alone her Ordeal, it'd be less of a shock if the other girl got an idea of the wide world of wizardry entailed ahead of time.

"So, yes, I do mean actual cats."
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Putting off Nita's 'wait a minute, CARMELA, THAT'S IT!" reaction for one more tag. XD

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There was a minor clattering upstairs - two doors opened and closed in quick succession.

"That'd just be my sister," Nita said, unconcerned. Since there wasn't any further noise from the direction of the stairs, Dairine had probably just gone to the bathroom or something.

"Yup - though some parts of the Speech are way easier to learn than others. There are a lot of recensions, but you don't need to know them all for general practice; it's if you specialize when things like that become an issue."

In otherwords, it was like learning any language. Unless you were Carmela...
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"Just the one - though sometiems one of Dairine is more than enough," Nita admitted, half-jokingly.

"And Dad's running errands for the shop, so he's in the city for at least another hour."

Mom wasn't there. Except maybe in spirit, Nita couldn't help but think.

"'Fraid not - finding other wizards to go on errantry with, or an Advisory, is about as far as it goes. At least as long as Earth is sevarfrith," she amended, shaking her head.

Nita could relate, with her somewhat rapid introduction to Kit's own Spanish-speaking family.

"When it comes to languages, though, we can't all have a steganographic gift-" and Nita cut off, analyzing the thought, or rather the person behind the thought, more closely.

"I think I might know how you got here. Kit's not gonna like this."

And Carmela probably wouldn't either: it was her closet that might be acting up, after all!
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Nita gave Piper an odd look: it wasn't judgemental, but Nita couldn't help but note that what Nita now lacked, Piper still had.

Not that that necessarily meant anything, though.

"Kit's my friend, and another wizard. He lives down the street, with his family, but right now it's his sister we need to talk to; I'll call her."

Hopefully, she wasn't off at the Crossings; it would have just made the introductions more awkward if Carmela came in with some weird alien exoskeleton to model or anything.
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"No - and Kit's real thankful about that, believe me."

Nita would have been able to give her some rounded figures, or check the Manual itself, but her focus right now was on contacting Carmela.

Her cell phone had been left on the table; it wasn't remarkable, or as up-to-date as anything Dairine owned, but it suited her occasionally tech-inadept self just fine. She picked it up, pecked her way through to Carmela's number, and dialed.

"Hey, Neets. What's up?

"Hi, Carmela. Not too much going on here today, but we do have a guest. From California."

"Oooo! Planned visit?"

"No, and that's the thing. Might have something to do with your worldgate-"

"Ohmigosh, I hope nothing's wrong with it! Sker'ret would never forgive himself if it was something on his end."

Nita winced. She hadn't thought it through that far, but it was certainly a possibility. The Rirhait wouldn't like it if something had gone wrong with the tech - and introducing any sort of risk to his friends would have left all his eyes wringing in anxiety.

"Ah, right. Anyway, could you come back from wherever it is you are at this hour? I'd like to run a scan or whatever on it in person, if you catch my drift."

"Hey, no problem! And I'm not that far from home; I'm just at the mall."

"With you, Carmela," Nita said dryly, "I can never tell."

Eh, fair enough. See you in a bit, Juanita Louise~"

It was a good thing Carmela hung up then, because the noise Nita was making wasn't pleasant. Forcing herself to relax, she turned back to Piper.

"She shouldn't be more than fifteen minutes. What do you want to go over in the meantime?"

Or rather, where would Piper like to start?
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I think the chapter name's mentioned in SYWTBAW somewhere... if it isn't, we can handwave that bit.

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Hopefully Nita wouldn't have to correct her; having even near-strangers learn about The L Word was possibly the only thing worse than Carmela knowing.

Then again, with Carmela knowing, anyone could have been told. Nita kept the rest of her groaning internal, and was thankful for the subject shift. Meanwhile, Bobo has a quiet laugh. Shouldn't let her provoke you...

"Right. Well, the really short version is that they're 'portals' that connect points in time and space, and seriously cut down on travel time if you're trying to get across the continent. Or the galaxy."

Sitting back down, she flipped open her Manual to one of the first chapters she'd found in it, where she'd first found the mention of the 'thinning of worldwalls.'

"The long version's a lot more technical - though since I doubt that's going to be either of our specialties we don't have to get that far into it. Now, see if you can find this chapter in your Manual..."

Because some things Nita just preferred to have visuals to go with.

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