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[open] you meet the most interesting people

Who: Gene Khan / the Mandarin, and you!
What: Someone's taking a little breather from his space adventures.
Where: The Crossings!
When: Now? (This AU has him coming from 2019 but /wiggles fingers time)
Notes: Hello, here is your friendly neighborhood "space god", here to get some french fries.

Gene doesn't need to use worldgates, but he finds them convenient all the same. Sometimes you don't want to expend your own energy on teleportation, you know?

Besides, he likes the Crossings. He'd been lucky enough to find it soon enough after the beginning of his self-imposed exile - which was good, because sometimes he forgot to eat, and coming there reminded him of how good food could be. Plus, it gave him the opportunity to sample alien cuisine.

Nowadays, since he's re-established himself on Earth, he's just here for fun, or whenever business takes him long distances and he doesn't feel like expending all of that energy to throw himself halfway across the galaxy.

The tall Asian man holding the 'My boyfriend went to the Crossings and all I got was this lousy t-shirt' shirt and chuckling isn't a wizard, but he's got a sense of power all the same. It's biotechnological and clearly tied to his energy signature, but it's not exactly visible. And he's completely unfazed by all of the aliens.

The answer to the question 'so, do you come here often?' is pretty obvious.
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Non-CR AU alright with you?

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Fortunately, Nita didn't feel like asking that question; it'd have been embarrassing to both of them.

She wasn't exactly on errantry; merely checking in on some of her friends (and some of Carmela's) via the Crossings.

At the moment, though, what had grabbed her attention was both the man's height - why are so many people taller than me? Kit's one thing, but sheesh - and the shirt he was holding.

/I always thought those were kind of tacky,/ Nita said, wrinkling her nose. It may not have been polite, but she did mean it.

/But I can't say I've met you before. I'm Nita; what's your name?/ she strategically shifted, turning her head to look the man more in the eye.
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That she doesn't doubt.

Nita returned the grin. "Well, if he's that sort of person, you're definitely good for him."

Switching to English now - and it was good to confirm that this particular human was from Earth, or at least a place that had English. That, and names were complex matters; sometimes just normal shorthand had to be enough.

"Good to meet you. Been here long? This trip, I mean," she said, making a gesture in a meager attempt to encompass all of the visible Crossings complex.
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.-. Four tags in, and I already have feels.

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Nita's smile, however, dimmed a lot more; that didn't sound right to her, if only in the moral sense.

Still, this was a meeting in the Crossings, and neither of them looked to be on active assignment (if the man even was a wizard; recognizing the Speech was no guarantee). Prying into another's life wasn't right.

"I know that pain," she said after a moment, meaning the bit about the timezones. "Far too many timezones, and Earth isn't even the place with the largest amount!" Juliam was much more straightforward - even if the numbers looked larger at first.
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Because the play on words just struck me.

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... That was not remotely what Nita was thinking of. Which was probably for the best. How bad was the dad?

"Gotta have some sense of order, yeah," Nita said, nodding.

/No, not exactly. I am on an errand, though./

So, close?
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/Just meeting up with friends-of-a-friend. And some of my own, at that./

Meaning not all of them were Cousins.

Nita cast a glance down at one of the kiosks way down the open - though crowded - space.

/If you really want to get that shirt, I can buy it for you. No strings./
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Tempted to write it as 'hyGENE' for a moment, there.

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Nita snorted. "Sounds like a hygiene risk, there."

She would want photographic evidence if that happened.

Instead of 'taking the out,' she shook her head.

"It's no big deal - if you want I can introduce you, even."

He'd get to meet the Stationmaster! Wouldn't that be fun?