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Gene Khan ([personal profile] tarmairon) wrote in [community profile] cousinsindozens2017-05-03 01:43 pm

[open] you meet the most interesting people

Who: Gene Khan / the Mandarin, and you!
What: Someone's taking a little breather from his space adventures.
Where: The Crossings!
When: Now? (This AU has him coming from 2019 but /wiggles fingers time)
Notes: Hello, here is your friendly neighborhood "space god", here to get some french fries.

Gene doesn't need to use worldgates, but he finds them convenient all the same. Sometimes you don't want to expend your own energy on teleportation, you know?

Besides, he likes the Crossings. He'd been lucky enough to find it soon enough after the beginning of his self-imposed exile - which was good, because sometimes he forgot to eat, and coming there reminded him of how good food could be. Plus, it gave him the opportunity to sample alien cuisine.

Nowadays, since he's re-established himself on Earth, he's just here for fun, or whenever business takes him long distances and he doesn't feel like expending all of that energy to throw himself halfway across the galaxy.

The tall Asian man holding the 'My boyfriend went to the Crossings and all I got was this lousy t-shirt' shirt and chuckling isn't a wizard, but he's got a sense of power all the same. It's biotechnological and clearly tied to his energy signature, but it's not exactly visible. And he's completely unfazed by all of the aliens.

The answer to the question 'so, do you come here often?' is pretty obvious.

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