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Tom Swale ([personal profile] localadvisory) wrote in [community profile] cousinsindozens2017-06-06 07:18 pm

Open RP: The Senior Is [IN]

Ordinarily, making contact with Tom involves a combination of luck, need, and knowledge. That's as it should be-- after all, if wizardry worked such as that every possible problem that one could have helped with, one must, then there'd be no point to organized senior-structure to begin with. Hierarchies of authority existed for the purpose of funneling work towards those better equipped to manage it; call it evil, if you feel it's necessary, but even bureaucracy has a purpose and a life of its own.

But, there comes a time for the gentler approach. Small problems can fall through the cracks of even the most well-meaning systems. Especially large ones; no system larger than the stewardship of all life.

So, here's Tom Swale, set up outside his home with a driveway filled with junk, a home-made lock box, and a few signs gaudily posted on the street. To most eyes, they read GARAGE SALE, but to the right eyes, they say something different.

Maybe to your eyes, The Speech is more than just fanciful embellishment lending an elegant hand-made touch to a spot of local advertising. And for you lucky ones, it reads also: