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[OPEN] A New Wizard, Centuries Old

Who: Azmuth, OPEN
What: Safely away from prying eyes and likely pranksters, Azmuth finally answers the message that keeps popping up on his screens. Say "hello" to a new Provisionary Wizard.
Where: New York, Earth, I guess?
When: Now's good.
Notes: Poking with an AU version of Azmuth because I like AUs and kind of want to play around. It's long for a setup, I know, but that's sort of my style.

Do you want to be a wizard?

The question was ridiculous. Azmuth was a Galvan, empirically the smartest species in the Milky Way, and he was the smartest among his own people, ranking him the smartest being in the galaxy. Just shy of two thousand years old, he was already the leading expert in a variety of sciences including Engineering, Astrophysics, Biology, and Chemistry. He'd even built an entire planet for fun once. Needless to say, he wasn't one for flights of fancy or cluttering his primary brain with nonsense.

But that little question was persistent, the message popping up regularly no matter what data pad or computer screen he was using, with the same two options of Yes or No.

He always closed the message without answering, keeping an eye out for who might be sending it to him. Galvans knew that magic existed but the practice of it was frowned upon in their society. Magic was wild and never followed the rules, the famous wizard Bezel being as flighty as the powers he wielded. Galvans preferred the rigidity and structure of science. It gave them solid footing on their understanding of the universe along with serving as their protector, allowing them to keep technologically ahead of all other races lest they be crushed underfoot.

But Azmuth had always known there was something more out there, something just on the edges of his vision that no one else seemed to see. He didn't want to learn science; he wanted to learn it all. That was what made him exit without a clear answer because he was so curious but didn't want to provide fuel for ridicule from those who already despised him and would jump at the chance to call his expertise into question.

When he chose to leave Galvan Prime to focus on his inventions, he made a stop on a primitive little planet with beings too large pay much mind to a small creature about five inches tall. Perching himself on the branch of a tree, he pulled out the data pad tucked up under his arm and pressed Yes as the message dutifully arrived.

...If this was a joke, it was a darn convincing one.

The manual that appeared was much more in-depth than he could've predicted...not that he'd predicted anything more than a mocking message laughing at his gullibility. Reading the table of contents alone had intrigued him, and the further he read, the more hungry for more he became. Especially considering that a good portion of the concepts hinted at in just the basic overview were mirrored in scientific discoveries his people had made thousands of years ago. It seemed that this "Speech" was magic's answer to science.

Maybe it was an elaborate hoax. If it was, what would be the harm in pursuing it further until he had proof to show anyone else who might have gotten suckered into it? And if it wasn't...

Well, he wanted to know how the universe worked. He needed to know, to understand. Maybe mastering "The Speech" would help him achieve that goal.

So he took the Oath written there.

Within seconds, his name appeared on what he assumed to be a registry of wizards in the "New York metropolitan area"...without him doing anything to add it:

Kennedy Memorial Park
Hempstead, New York
(novice, pre-rating, temporary address)

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