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General Friending Meme

Just a little Q&A to get things started - the textbox below will have all the HTML coding, so you can just copypasta that and fill in as much, or as little info as you want.

Meme based on this at Bakerstreet

Let's get started!
Contact methods: YOUR PLURK, YOUR AIM, YOUR WHATEVERS. This is how we know where, and how to get ahold of you.
Characters: Please list them here, with journals! Use this little code for it. :D < user name=your user name here > without the spaces before and after the pointy brackets.

More about you!
Hobbies and activities: What do you like to do?
What are your interests?: Share what you really enjoy, outside of rp times!
What to expect: let people know what sorts of things they can expect to see on your plurk or journal if they friend you. is it mostly about RP? is there a mix of RL stuff thrown in?

RP style
How do you like it?: Do you like brackets or logs? Do you thrive on TL;DR, or get bored with long tags? What about memes? Share with us what you like, and how you like it.
Preferences: What kind of things do you like to rp? Share whatever your preferences are here.
Character type(s): What kind of characters do you like to play? Do they have common themes? Or is a mix more your thing?

Active fandoms: list fandoms that you consider yourself to be active in, whether it's RP, fic writing, art, iconing or whatever else you do.
Up and coming: list series that you're just getting into, are curious about, want to see more of, or fandoms you could happily be enabled into (or just want to interact with)
Share your stuff: This is where you show us where your icons are, what communities you run, awesome websites and so forth. We want to see what you do!


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[personal profile] unfavorableinstigation 2016-01-19 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
Who are you?: Autistic_Ace/SMF Contact methods: Email is available through journal; Autistic_Ace on plurk, autisticace on tumblr.

Characters: I play Nita Callahan! [personal profile] unfavorableinstigation
More about you!
Hobbies and activities: I read, write, and sing!
What are your interests?: I like going on solitary walks sometimes. ^^ I also like thinking up crack!fic in my head. A lot. What to expect: Mix of RP and RL tends to come up regardless of where I post. I label things a lot, though, so don't expect SUDDEN DISTURBING CONTENT out of nowhere, or at least without a warning.
RP style
How do you like it?: I do/appreciate a little bit of everything. I haven't tried everything myself yet, but I'm willing to try new things!
Preferences: No real preferences, but I'll let you know if something doesn't sit right with me.^^;
Character type(s): A MIX. Though I'm only actually playing one character right now. Active fandoms: Young Wizards, of course! Also Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Person of Interest, Generator Rex, and more than a few other miscellaneous things. Does The Wake itself count as a fandom?? >.>
Up and coming: Open to pretty much everything. :V Odds are I've at least heard of it before, if not necessarily have an opinion.
Share your stuff: I created THIS comm, but otherwise I don't have much to show. /o\ Anything else? FLOOFINS! ;A;
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Who are you?: [personal profile] cybra
Contact methods: Journal PM is the best way to ping me.
Characters: Azmuth

More about you!
Hobbies and activities: I like to read, write, and play video games. I also love to play tabletop RPGs.
What are your interests?: Video games, reading, writing, tabletop RP, and watching cartoons. I'm super boring, guys.
What to expect: My personal journal is more of a place to periodically post fic. My plurk is usually where I post life updates but I largely just use it for RP purposes. I'm nowhere near exciting enough for social media.

RP style
How do you like it?: I'm pretty much game for anything save ERP. Action tags or prose are both fine though I usually will start things off with prose to "set the stage" so to speak.
Preferences: I like to RP a lot of different things including friendships, action, and so on. I guess I don't have one thing I don't like to do aside from ERP.
Character type(s): I have a tendency to mix and match. I don't like playing two of the same character in any one place though I do have a tendency to pick people who play mentor roles.
Active fandoms: Ben 10, Generator Rex, and My Little Pony are my big three but I love poking other fandoms.
Up and coming: I used to read the Young Wizards series back when it first came out. I remember liking them a lot. I don't remember why I didn't keep reading them, to be honest.
Share your stuff: Though I haven't updated it in a while, I run [ profile] b10rewatch. I also periodically livestream gaming on my Twitch channel and have been wanting to start up a virtual DnD 5 group.
Anything else? Um...Have an image?
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[personal profile] whohastimeforthat 2016-02-04 12:25 am (UTC)(link)
Hello to you, too! o/ Nice to meet you.