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Dai Stiho, and thank you for coming.  :)

This is a public comm for fans of the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane - or people who are interested in becoming such.  Anyone interested can join with any type of account - personal, Young Wizards muse (canon or OC), non-YW muses, etc.

In general, people here are expected to respect one another - we may have things in common, but we don't share all the same thoughts or opinions!  The Young Wizards fandom is a place where it is okay to be different, in many different ways.

Alienation/Cyberbullying/Harassment will NOT be allowed, or permitted to continue if it does somehow happen.
Godmodding (in RP) is also NOT allowed.  Communication and permissions are essential for good OOC relations - though I suspect I'm preaching to the choir somewhat. ;)

If you've heard of the Golden Rule - "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you," - then you know the basic rule of this comm.

If you're unsure if something is okay - ask!
  I assure you I don't bite.

Feel free to make your own posts, start your own threads, and join either as it strikes you.

**SPOILER POLICY:  As Games Wizards Play was released on February 2nd, 2016, with several subreleases since then, please be courteous to fellow fans if you're going to talk spoilers - that is, make sure to tag for it!  For posts, use a warning label and a cut; for comments featuring or discussing spoilers, leave a note on such in the header.

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Ordinarily, making contact with Tom involves a combination of luck, need, and knowledge. That's as it should be-- after all, if wizardry worked such as that every possible problem that one could have helped with, one must, then there'd be no point to organized senior-structure to begin with. Hierarchies of authority existed for the purpose of funneling work towards those better equipped to manage it; call it evil, if you feel it's necessary, but even bureaucracy has a purpose and a life of its own.

But, there comes a time for the gentler approach. Small problems can fall through the cracks of even the most well-meaning systems. Especially large ones; no system larger than the stewardship of all life.

So, here's Tom Swale, set up outside his home with a driveway filled with junk, a home-made lock box, and a few signs gaudily posted on the street. To most eyes, they read GARAGE SALE, but to the right eyes, they say something different.

Maybe to your eyes, The Speech is more than just fanciful embellishment lending an elegant hand-made touch to a spot of local advertising. And for you lucky ones, it reads also:

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Or: let's have a FEELSDUMP here on Dreamwidth!

Talk about your favorite books, characters, or ideas in the Young Wizards series! :) Theorize on potential crossovers! Or just have some non-RP feelz.
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Who: Gene Khan / the Mandarin, and you!
What: Someone's taking a little breather from his space adventures.
Where: The Crossings!
When: Now? (This AU has him coming from 2019 but /wiggles fingers time)
Notes: Hello, here is your friendly neighborhood "space god", here to get some french fries.

Gene doesn't need to use worldgates, but he finds them convenient all the same. Sometimes you don't want to expend your own energy on teleportation, you know?

Besides, he likes the Crossings. He'd been lucky enough to find it soon enough after the beginning of his self-imposed exile - which was good, because sometimes he forgot to eat, and coming there reminded him of how good food could be. Plus, it gave him the opportunity to sample alien cuisine.

Nowadays, since he's re-established himself on Earth, he's just here for fun, or whenever business takes him long distances and he doesn't feel like expending all of that energy to throw himself halfway across the galaxy.

The tall Asian man holding the 'My boyfriend went to the Crossings and all I got was this lousy t-shirt' shirt and chuckling isn't a wizard, but he's got a sense of power all the same. It's biotechnological and clearly tied to his energy signature, but it's not exactly visible. And he's completely unfazed by all of the aliens.

The answer to the question 'so, do you come here often?' is pretty obvious.


Apr. 25th, 2017 11:56 am
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Who: Piper Cardenas + you
What: AU Wizard Piper, possibly going through her ordeal
When: Summer
Where: New York Earth Young Wizard's World
Warnings Piper has a dirty mouth

So, if the book could really be believed, just by saying that oath she became a wizard? That seemed... too easy. This was obviously a joke. Seriously. She didn't know why she bothered taking this thing home to read anyway. So you want to be a wizard? What a pile of bullshit. Right? Right.

That's what she thought as she was going to sleep in her tiny apartment bedroom. She was reconsidering now that she'd woken to find she wasn't in her bedroom anymore. She didn't even think she was in California anymore. The trees and the sky were all wrong.

She'd woken up in what looked like someone's back yard. She was still in her pajamas, and barefooted. The only thing she had with her was that stupid book. No phone. No way to find her way back home. What the hell had she gotten herself into?

"Oh my god! Someone help!"
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Who: Azmuth, OPEN
What: Safely away from prying eyes and likely pranksters, Azmuth finally answers the message that keeps popping up on his screens. Say "hello" to a new Provisionary Wizard.
Where: New York, Earth, I guess?
When: Now's good.
Notes: Poking with an AU version of Azmuth because I like AUs and kind of want to play around. It's long for a setup, I know, but that's sort of my style.

...If this was a joke, it was a darn convincing one. )
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Just a little Q&A to get things started - the textbox below will have all the HTML coding, so you can just copypasta that and fill in as much, or as little info as you want.

Meme based on this at Bakerstreet

Explanations and things )


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